Otherworld Legends

Otherworld Legends

v1.16.2 by ChillyRoom

Welcome to the world of Otherworld Legends, a realm of magical adventure and thrilling battles. The realm is populated by brave heroes, powerful wizards, and strange creatures. The legendary creatures

Android Android 5.0Action
4.3 ( 257 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Otherworld Legends
Publisher ChillyRoom
Genre Action
Size 821.24 MB
Version 1.16.2
Update Jan 12, 2023
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Vip, Gems
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Otherworld Legends is the most famous version in the Otherworld Legends series of publisher ChillyRoom
Mod Version 1.16.2
Total installs 5,000,000+
  • Mod Menu Feature
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Asura Power
  • Unlock Skin
  • Unlimited Ticket Weapon Enhance
  • Unlimited Reborn Card
  • Item Increase When You spend
  • God Mode
  • No Cooldown Skill New
  • Unlimited Skill New
  • Unlock Skill New
  • Unlock Hero Newer
  • Unlock Style New
  • Unlock Vip New

Welcome to the world of Otherworld Legends.

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of exploration and adventure, where the only limits are the boundaries of your imagination. As you explore the mysterious and magical lands of Otherworld, you’ll face off against powerful creatures, uncover ancient secrets, and uncover the truth about the mysterious forces that rule this realm.

Create your own custom character with a unique set of skills and abilities, then choose your weapon of choice and prepare for battle. As you delve deeper into the secrets of Otherworld, you’ll discover that its vast and ever-changing environments hold many secrets and surprises.

You will have to make tough decisions and brave challenges to succeed in the world of Otherworld Legends. Are you ready to enter this captivating world? Let’s go.

Game Features:

1. Cross-Platform Playability: With the ability to play across multiple gaming platforms, players can join forces with friends on different consoles and devices.
2. Dynamic Combat System: The game features a fast-paced, real-time combat system with multiple attack types, magic, and special abilities.
3. Unique Character Classes: Players can choose from seven distinct character classes, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.
4. Varied Weaponry: Players can equip their characters with a variety of weapons, including swords, bows, firearms, and hammers.
5. Diverse Enemies: From ferocious beasts to powerful mages, players will encounter a wide variety of foes in their quest to save the world.
6. Epic Boss Battles: Players can challenge massive bosses in intense battles that test their skills and strategies.
7. Co-op Multiplayer: Players can team up with up to four friends to fend off enemies and complete challenging objectives.
8. Immersive Storyline: Set in a world of fantasy and mystery, players will uncover the secrets of the Otherworld Legends as they progress through the game.

Otherworld Legends Random Worlds:

The Frozen Isles – A large archipelago of islands located in a perpetual winter, with snow-covered mountains and icy seas. The islands are inhabited by strange creatures and powerful ice spirits, and are said to contain powerful magical artifacts.

The Clockwork Jungle – A mechanical world populated by robotic animals, sentient machines, and robotic plants. The jungle is filled with strange contraptions, machines and inventions, many of which are powered by mysterious energies.

The Mystic Seas – An ocean filled with strange creatures and powerful magic. The seas are home to powerful sea witches, mermaids, and other magical creatures. The waters are said to contain powerful artifacts and secrets.

The Dark Woods – A vast forest filled with dark creatures and dark magic. The woods are said to contain powerful artifacts and secrets, and are said to be inhabited by powerful witches and warlocks.

Character and playstyle:

The Otherworld Legends character is an adventurer who has been sent to an unknown realm known as the Otherworld. They are brave and curious, exploring the strange and mysterious lands of the Otherworld, discovering new creatures and uncovering forgotten secrets.

The playstyle of the Otherworld Legends character is one of exploration and discovery. They are a master at navigating the unknown, using their wits and their combat abilities to survive the dangers of the Otherworld. They are always looking for new challenges and treasures, and are ready to take on any foe that stands in their way. Their ultimate goal is to uncover the mysteries of the Otherworld and return with the knowledge they have gained.

Graphics And Sound:

The graphics and sound in Otherworld Legends are quite impressive. The backgrounds are full of vibrant colors and detailed environments. The characters are well-animated and have great facial expressions. The sound design is also top-notch, with great sound effects and a strong soundtrack. The game also runs well on most platforms, making it an overall great experience.

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Otherworld Legends Mod Apk:

Otherworld Legends is a mobile action-adventure game developed and published by Playdigious. It is available for Android and iOS devices. The game features fast-paced action combat, an expansive world to explore, and an ever-changing narrative. The mod apk includes unlimited coins and gems, unlocked features, and ad-free gaming.

Pros and Cons:


• Fun and immersive story-telling
• Varied and colorful characters
• Challenging and engaging game-play
• Wide range of magical spells and abilities
• Unique and interesting locations to explore
• Vast selection of weapons, armor, and items
• Epic battles and thrilling boss fights
• Exciting PvP battles


• Limited character customization options
• Limited character customization options
• Repetitive quests and objectives
• Unbalanced difficulty levels
• Occasional bugs and glitches
• Limited post-game content
• Limited online play options
• Pay-to-win microtransactions

Game Review:

Otherworld Legends is an action-packed roguelike game developed and published by Cornfox & Bros. for the Nintendo Switch. The game is set in a fantasy world filled with monsters, powerful weapons and challenging dungeons.

The game features intense hack-and-slash combat, with an emphasis on precise timing, dodging and parrying. You can choose from an impressive selection of characters, each with their own unique weapons and abilities. The game also features a wide variety of items and equipment to help you in your quest.

The graphics and visuals in Otherworld Legends are stunning. The game features beautiful visuals, detailed character models and smooth animations. The sound design is also impressive, with intense music and sound effects that bring the game to life.


Overall, I think that Otherworld Legends is a great game that offers a unique and enjoyable experience. The game has an interesting storyline, a variety of characters, and exciting battles. The game also has a variety of levels, which makes it fun to replay. The controls are easy to learn, and the game can be played with either a controller or a keyboard and mouse. The visuals are gorgeous, and the music is great. All in all, Otherworld Legends is an excellent game that I would highly recommend.

Spring Festival limited-time event will be on with new skin, pets and more!
*New Naga heroes: Ruthven & Aigneis
*New Pandemonium · II
*Gérard Quentin reworked
*5 new skins for Ginzo, Ebonfang, Jadetalon, Uliana, Mirelha
*New soulboon effects for Quentin, Hannah and Hayfa
*2 new pets: Hemlock & Sanxing
*Ginzo's basic health increased to 50. Yatagarasu's projectiles have faster attack rate.
*Dungeon entrance optimized
*Penhaligon joins the Hero Fragments system.

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All Versions

Otherworld Legends
Otherworld Legends 1.16.2 MOD
January 12, 2023 821.24 MB

What's Mod:

Menu, Unlimited Money, Vip, Gems


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